If I do everything that I should, when do I do nothing at all?

So, it’s been a while.

Like a real while. I haven’t updated this since May. I live in a completely different country now. It rains a lot more here and I’m always cold; I frequently wear a scarf. The Mexican food is awful, and I need to get used to the beer again. But curries and Chinese food are so much better, and cheese doesn’t cost the earth. I get to drive, although public transport is a thing, and I play Sunday league football again.

Now that I have a job as a postdoc again, I’m going to attempt to make this proper. So, plans hey? That’s what you want isn’t it?

Make this website actually seem legitimate, rather than a list of ramblings. I’ve updated my homepage, and changed all my layout.  I’m going to attempt to make this a fortnightly thing, if not weekly.

I’m going to use my Twitter a lot more.

I’m planning  something for the Manchester City of Science. Together with Dr Jo Pennock, an immunologist at The University of Manchester, we’re putting together a couple of nights in pubs talking about science. She’s going to take over one, and I’ll do the other. It may sound like Pint of Science, but upsettingly they’re aren’t getting involved, so it’s not. Maybe PubhD? I am curating one of the nights, so I’ll be looking for people willing to talk about their work. I’m currently split between an obesity night, a diabetes night or an exercise night. I like the exercise one best, but if anyone wants to join in, just let me know.

After working with a bunch of PhD students, I’m going to start re-posting my advice for writing a PhD thesis.

I’m working on abstracts for ENDO 2016, and the Congenital Hyperinsulinism Family Conference. You may notice that these are in Boston and Philadelphia, so hopefully I’ll get a couple of holidays. Unfortunately, they don’t overlap properly so I’d just have to spend 9 days dicking about in America. But Charlotte has her sensible hat on, and considering it’s actually cheaper to fly in and out either side of the conferences, rather than just a single flight to Boston, and a return from Philadelphia it looks like I’ll be a proper little jetsetter. For Science!

Oh, and papers. Always papers. We’ve submitted one though.

I haven’t really included my new work here, as I’m sure it’ll get covered at some point in the future. I’ve changed topics slightly from diabetes. Let’s just say I am the only postdoc in the lab, but almost everyone knows a lot about it than me. There’s a little bit about it on my new About page.

I ask questions now though. I’ve been to a few talks, and I’ve been asking chumps questions at the end. That’s right, after be a shy, science nerd for so long, I’ve started being a jerk. Although apparently all of my questions are about mitochondria. So, there’s that…

So, basically watch this space. Things will get better.

Today’s quote is by Rozwell Kid


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