Exercise Like An Astronaut

Check out my latest project; debuting at Bluedot festival, officially sponsored by The Physiological Society

Exercise Like an Astronaut!


Me and a few mates were talking about how crew members aboard the International Space Station exercise. You can find out a bit more about why exercise is so important here.

We used pistons to blow shizz up! For science obviously. And when we say pistons I really mean bike pumps, and by shizz I pretty much mean balloons and some bottle rockets.Have a look at our apparatus and try to build your own.

I have been fortunate enough to get some money from The Physiological Society to fund our project. This could potentially mean that “Exercise Like An Astronaut” may be doing some more events in the future, so keep your peepers peeled. In the immediacy that means we can buy all the fun things we’ve thought about for the festival, but deemed a bit expensive. So a massive thanks to The Physiological Society.

I’ll keep this page updated as we make the project a sexy reality. You can keep up to date with the latest on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. There’s links to our Snapchat so you can watch me struggle through that before our social media Czar takes over.