Week 1 – 32 Points

So, that wasn’t very good was it? I am in 6 leagues, and a haul of 32 points makes me comfortably in the bottom quarter of every one.

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status Points
David de Gea 5.5 42.7 7.76 4
Hector Bellerin 6.5 31.2 4.86 0
Wes Morgan 5.0 25.4 4.86 1
Toby Alderweireld 6.5 25.7 4.05 2
John Stones 5.0 29.9 4.80 2
Juan Carlos Paredas 4.0 19.0 4.78
N’golo Kante 5.0 25.5 5.10 1
Dimitri Payet 9.5 26.2 3.14 1
Eric Dier 5.5 16.5 3.00 1
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.5 39.4 3.43 9
Sergio Aguero 13.0 40.8 3.14 9


Eldin Jakupovic 4.0 13.6 3.40
Shane Long 6.5 15.1 2.32 2
Darren Fletcher 4.5 15.7 3.49
Danny Drinkwater 5.5 10.4 1.89


Let’s make some changes shall we. You get one free change a week, and are charged four points for each extra change. You can use one wildcard to make unlimited changes, so that may happen. My first instinct is to change everyone for the first couple of weeks as the league settles down, and then try and make my first 11 the best I can possibly be, limiting the amount of changes I’d need to make to the rest of my squad. I’ve also decided to only pick from the top 30 players in each position, as it was a nightmare going through everyone.

How is Caballero only chosen by 0.5% of teams?! Is it because Man City’s defence is occasionally a massive pile of ridiculousness? Not that is really relevant as de Gea and Jakupovic have both increased their FFSS. Obviously Lloris’ and Hart’s have gone done.

My defence and midfield all did fairly poorly this week, so may need a bit of a shuffle. Kyle Walker now has a greater FFSS than Alderweireld. Mahrez is now the most chosen midfielder, and his FFSS has increased a whole chunk, taking him above Payet. But the big winner, and one of the few players to increase in value after only one week, is Philippe Coutinho. He is now chosen in 27.5% of teams, up from a lowly 13% in week. Not surprising really. He was very good against us. Somewhat annoyingly, if he didn’t increase in value a quick swap for Drinkwater would have kept me happy, but that extra £100,000 takes me over £100 million. So getting rid of Alderweireld, and freeing up that million quid is probably a good shout.

My main issue is whether or not to swap Payet for Mahrez. I can’t afford the top 5 midfield of Kante, Coutinho, Fletcher, Mahrez and Payet, but I can afford four of them with 6th choice Dier making up my midfield. In terms of keeping it consistent I think I’ll have to stick Mahrez in, even though I hope Leicester bottle it against us this weekend. West Ham have Bournemouth, so I feel like keeping Payet in will be preferable.

But you can’t argue with statistics. Even if you’ve made up a rather inane system yourself.

Now for forwards; Alvaro Negredo has gone up in value as you’d expect, and has been chosen in 16.8% of teams rather than the 10.5% who put faith in him last week. I guess it can’t be hurt by the fact that Middlesborough are playing Sunderland. North-East derby aside, Sunderland are terrible. Shane Long has dropped down to 5th on the FFSS, so I guess I should replace him with Negredo.

Looks like I’ll be playing my Wildcard after one week.

A couple of weird think I’ve noticed is that only Joe Hart has decreased in value for goalkeepers, despite Cech conceding four. After last week’s performance Mané’s FFSS increased from 1.6 to 1.86 midweek, before dropping down to 1.59 now. He has a slight injury and only a 50%  chance of playing, but it’s still a strange one. Pogba is still not justifying a place in my team, he’s the 9th most chosen midfielder, but his FFSS is only 1.46 putting him below Nathan Redmond. He’s still the highest ranked Manchester United player though, and in fact Mkhitaryan is one of only 3 of the top midfielders to decrease in value (the others being Cesc Fàbregas and André Ayew).

So, week 2 here is my team.

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status
David de Gea 5.5 46.2 8.40
John Stones 6.5 36 7.20
Hector Bellerin 6.5 28.5 4.38
Wes Morgan 5.0 24.9 4.98
Kyle Walker 5.5 21.4 3.89
Riyad Mahrez 9.5 2.92 3.07
Philippe Coutinho 8.1 27.5 3.40
N’golo Kante 5.0 25.1 5.02
Alvaro Negredo 6.6 16.8 2.55
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.5 45.2 3.93
Sergio Aguero 13.0 47.1 3.62


Eldin Jakupovic 4.0 15.9 3.98
Eric Dier 5.5 14.7 2.67
Darren Fletcher 4.5 15 3.33
Juan Carlos Paredas 4.0 17 4.25

I’ve gone for 4-4-2 this week, and Aguero has taken the captain’s armband. After Paredas didn’t play last week, I’ve decided I would rather have Negredo. It would be stupid to make a transfer for him and then not bother playing him. I may regret this…