Week 4 – 25 Points

And it got worse.

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status Points
David de Gea 5.5 46.5 8.45 2
John Stones 5.0 31.4 6.28 2
Hector Bellerin 6.5 26.8 4.12 2
Wes Morgan 5.0 24.5 4.90 0
Gareth McAuley 4.7 21.2 4.51 2
Luke Shaw 5.6 25.0 4.46 1
Philippe Coutinho 8.2 30.8 3.76 1
Eden Hazard 10.2 32.3 3.17 1
Alvaro Negredo 6.9 30.5 4.42 2
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.8 60.3 5.11 10
Sergio Aguero 13.0 37.0 2.85
Eldin Jakupovic 4.1 20.5 5.00
Etienne Capoue 4.7 19.3 4.11
Darren Fletcher 4.5 12.3 2.73
N’Golo Kante 5.0 21.1 4.22 2

And I’ve plummeted down the tables. I’m not bottom in any of them, but not far off.

So, let’s make some changes shall we?

Goalies haven’t changed.

My first big decision, and the first time the stats have genuinely upset me. Hector, I’m sorry. You may be fast as anything, but I’m afraid you’re leaving, Kyle Walker is in. I tried my best to prevent this. It’s horrible replacing my own right back, whom I rate above most other right backs in the league, for a Spud. I was tempted to alter my rules so I could have kept Hector by dropping McAuley, but that’s emotion. That has no place in my fantasy system.

My terrible, terribly fantasy system.

The rise of James Collins continues. I am dumbfounded. As you’ll see from the graph below at the beginning of the season, he was wanted by no-one, selected in 0.9% of teams. After I instigated my policy of only tracking the 30 most popular players in each position he fell off the radar.

Until 3 weeks ago that is.


After the international break his stock had risen further, and has continued every week. He is now in 10.1% of teams, making him the 14th most popular defender and given his low price, an FFSS of 2.2 Alexs*.  Based on this rate of growth I confidently predict James Collins to be the most popular defender in two years, being present in 100% of teams by the 23rd Oct 2018. You saw it here first!

So, onto midfield and no real changes to my team. Pogba’s disappearance in the derby last weekend has had him dropped from a large amount of teams. He had been steadily sneaking up to about 15% of teams, reaching a high of 15.7% before the international break. Now he’s only a measly 1.56 Alexs. Even Jermain Defoe has more than that.


In other news Santi Cazorla has finally made it into the top 30 midfielders, with a FFSS of exactly 1 Alex. I’m not saying we’re the same, but…

…technically everyone else is. I don’t decide these numbers!

And up front, Aguero has finally dropped low enough to get dropped. His “brutal” elbow and consequent lack of playing time has given him a score of only 1.8 Alexs. So, who has taken his place I hear you ask. None other than definitely-not-brutal Diego Costa. And so I won’t be accused of being biased, here’s a graph of Aguero’s demise, coupled with the rise of Costa.

slide3So, again I suffer from making too many changes, but hopefully that’ll help dig me out of this hole I’m in. Zlatan stays as captain, and Capoue gets a place in the first 11.

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status
David de Gea 5.5 46.2 8.40
John Stones 5.0 30.9 6.18
Kyle Walker 5.7 26.2 4.60
Wes Morgan 5.0 23.6 4.72
Luke Shaw 5.6 24.4 4.36
Etienne Capoue 4.8 26.7 5.56
Philippe Coutinho 8.2 28.3 3.45
Eden Hazard 10.3 34.3 3.33
Alvaro Negredo 6.9 30.1 4.36
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.8 63.3 5.36
Diego Costa 9.9 23.7 2.39
Eldin Jakupovic 4.1 21.0 5.12
Gareth McAuley 4.7 23.4 4.98
Darren Fletcher 4.5 11.1 2.47
N’Golo Kante 4.9 19.0 3.88



* If you missed my decision to call the units for the FFSS “Alexs” have a look at last weeks entry.


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