Week 3 – 34 Points

Oh, the pride before the fall.

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status Points
David de Gea 5.5 46.7 8.49 6
John Stones 5.0 35.1 7.02 1
Hector Bellerin 6.5 27.5 4.23 2
Wes Morgan 5.0 23.5 4.70 8
Kyle Walker 5.6 24.0 4.29 1
Luke Shaw 5.6 23.7 4.23 6
Philippe Coutinho 8.2 31.6 3.85 2
Riyad Mahrez 9.5 27 2.84 0
Alvaro Negredo 6.7 25.6 3.82 2
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.7 55.7 4.76 4
Sergio Aguero 13.1 53.1 4.05 2
Eldin Jakupovic 4.0 18.8 4.70
Etienne Capoue 4.6 13.9 3.02
Darren Fletcher 4.5 13.6 3.02
N’Golo Kante 5.0 22.9 4.58

A terrible week for me, capped off by the fact that my midfielder on the bench did better than those on the pitch. Damn you algorithm!

It’s international week now, so there’s a bit of a lull.

I’ve been tracking the changes, over the last couple of weeks. Alexis Sanchez, Eric Bailly and Eden Hazard are streaking up. Aguero is plummeting, probably due to his ban. But everything is finally looking somewhat consistent. I’ve played my wildcard, and took a 4 point hit last week, so that’s all good for me.

Goalkeepers stay the same. Claudio Bravo is picked by surprisingly few team (0.5% as of writing).

Juan Carlos Paredas has been taken off the game, strange that hey? Not that he’s in my team, but his FFSS was consistently near the top. Spurs’ defenders continue to stagnate and Gareth McAuley has stormed up. So sorry Kylie, you’ve been replaced. Arsenal new boy Shkodran Mustafi has been selected by 0.3% of teams, similar to unfortunate benchwarmer Matthieu Debuchy. Bearing in mind that Hector is Arsenal’s first choice right back and the second most chosen defender (26.8% of teams) it seems even stranger.

Midfielder stay fairly similar. As I said before Hazard has snuck up on me, and has actually replaced Mahrez, with a FFSS of 3.17, compared to Mahrez’s 2.44.  Poor old Mahrez is now below Ross Barkley. Looks like I’m starting this week 4 points down again…

As I mentioned above Aguero’s stock is decreasing. Still he’s ahead of Vardy in 4th place buy a full…unit? I don’t know, do I need to add a unit to my FFSS? Can I call them an Alex? I do love the idea of stating Jamie Vardy is a full Alex below Aguero;  Romelu Lukaku and Wayne Rooney are less than one Alex; together all of Arsenal’s signing this year are only 1.39 Alexes, with Xhaka being slightly worse than Alex.

I bet that won’t get annoying…

Iheanacho is sneaking in with a FFSS of 0.25, only the 29th most popular striker. Zlatan stays as captain with 60.3% and De Gea vice-captain with 46.5%. Apparently the fantasy football folks have picked my team for this weekend. Stupidly (because of the stupid system I set up) Aguero still makes my starting 11.

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status
David de Gea 5.5 46.5 8.45
John Stones 5.0 31.4 6.28
Hector Bellerin 6.5 26.8 4.12
Wes Morgan 5.0 24.5 4.90
Gareth McAuley 4.7 21.2 4.51
Luke Shaw 5.6 25.0 4.46
Philippe Coutinho 8.2 30.8 3.76
Eden Hazard 10.2 32.3 3.17
Alvaro Negredo 6.9 30.5 4.42
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.8 60.3 5.11
Sergio Aguero 13.0 37.0 2.85
Eldin Jakupovic 4.1 20.5 5.00
Etienne Capoue 4.7 19.3 4.11
Darren Fletcher 4.5 12.3 2.73
N’Golo Kante 5.0 21.1 4.22



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