Week Two – 85 Points

Well that’s more like it! 85 points!

The average was 57, and I’ve shot up my leagues. I’m even second in one! Admittedly it’s a league mostly made up of Americans so their grasp may not be the highest; although my mate Aniket is consistently good at fantasy football and now I’m ahead of him. Potentially by alphabetical order, but still.

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status Points
David de Gea 5.5 46.2 8.40 6
John Stones 6.5 36 7.20 1
Hector Bellerin 6.5 28.5 4.38 9
Wes Morgan 5.0 24.9 4.98 6
Kyle Walker 5.5 21.4 3.89 7
Riyad Mahrez 9.5 2.92 3.07 3
Philippe Coutinho 8.1 27.5 3.40 2
N’Golo Kante 5.0 25.1 5.02 2
Alvaro Negredo 6.6 16.8 2.55 10
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.5 45.2 3.93 13
Sergio Aguero 13.0 47.1 3.62 26
Eldin Jakupovic 4.0 15.9 3.98
Eric Dier 5.5 14.7 2.67
Darren Fletcher 4.5 15 3.33
Juan Carlos Paredas 4.0 17 4.25


And I could have got more if I’d had Jakupovic in my team! Although that goes against the algorithm, so never mind.

So now for some changes.

Or not. Midweek updates suggest that I already have the most popular players. Using my wildcard last week may have been a stroke of genius, if I don’t mind me saying so…

Interestingly, we now have out first 50% players. I didn’t get a chance to see which was first, but both Ibrahimovic and Aguero are now chosen by 51.1% and 50.2% of teams respectively. Is it fair to say they are now in “most” teams. I mean they are in more teams than they aren’t so most yeah?

I don’t know what Alderweireld has done to upset you, but he is getting chosen in consistently less teams week after week. And for some reason James Collins has surged up the rankings!

For some reason Coutinho has gone up in value again, despite a fairly poor showing this week. He still has a FFSS of 4.13 though, making him second behind Kante. Eden Hazard is sneaking up on the top 5, but his price is making him probably unattainable. Etienne Capoue is also storming up. It’s as if people have forgotten his 1 in 57 ratio before this season started. Maybe he’s pulling an Aaron Ramsey, but I personally can’t see it.

Jamie Vardy, Harry Kane, Andy Carroll and Marcus Rashford including the first week, have decreased in value, showing how high expectation on English players perhaps? Probably not… It’s also interesting to see Andre Gray is now in 11.2% of teams after his homophobic tweets came to light. Despite decreasing in value Cristhian Stuani is now in the top 30 forwards. I assume after his performance last week, which is a bit generous considering Sunderland are woeful.

A Saturday morning check shows that Luke Shaw has leapt above Paredas to become the joint 3rd most popular defender. And Capoue is not ahead of Dier. Crucially the money saved for changing Dier to Capoue frees up enough for me to stick Shaw in ahead of Paredas. I bloody love my system. In other news Zlatan is now captain, being in 55.7% of teams!

Player Cost % of teams Superhero Status
David de Gea 5.5 46.7 8.49
John Stones 5.0 35.1 7.02
Hector Bellerin 6.5 27.5 4.23
Wes Morgan 5.0 23.5 4.70
Kyle Walker 5.6 24.0 4.29
Luke Shaw 5.6 23.7 4.23
Philippe Coutinho 8.2 31.6 3.85
Riyad Mahrez 9.5 27 2.84
Alvaro Negredo 6.7 25.6 3.82
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 11.7 55.7 4.76
Sergio Aguero 13.1 53.1 4.05


Eldin Jakupovic 4.0 18.8 4.70
Etienne Capoue 4.6 13.9 3.02
Darren Fletcher 4.5 13.6 3.02
N’Golo Kante 5.0 22.9 4.58

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