Lobster is as much a part of the New England personality as is the hating on all things New York City

So we spent the night being wicked Boston. We went to a sports bar, ate clam chowder and a lobster roll, watched the Bruins, a bit of the Red Sox and New England Revolution, and drank a bunch of Sam Adams. It was fairly great.
But now I’m back in my hotel, ironing my poster for tomorrow. I’m fairly certain you should all come check my poster out. I’m SAT674 so if you’re interested in GLP-1, beta cells, insulin or congenital hyperinsulinaemia of infancy come hit me up.
Or, you know, come ask me difficult questions and you may end up in tomorrow’s blog about how I cried on the Expo floor until someone brought me frozen yoghurt.
That may not happen.
Maybe I’ll head to Dunkin’ Donuts again.

Today’s quote is from Jim Gaffigan.


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