For Boston, for Boston

We arrived in Boston last night, after drinking the plane dry of Sam Adams.
Well kind of, they ran out so me and Sandy are fairly certain we took care of that.
We took the free shuttle bus from the airport, and ended up in South Station. Where we promptly bought week passes for $19. $19! For a week! On buses and trains! Well done Boston. I know there’s a shuttle bus between my hotel and ENDO but that’s awesome.
And we can definitely vouch for it, as going out for drinks in South End last night was really easy. Even though we had a bit of a walk, 2 trolleys (shuttles? trams? I don’t know what Boston calls them) and a bus.

So I’m up early for Early Career forum today. I need to register and get all my things sorted. So hopefully that’ll go smoothly, and after my forum today I’ll basically be set for a career in science! Especially after the nightmare of the Fellowship workshop I attended last week…

Oh and we saw the Netherlands’ men’s football team in Amsterdam airport. Memphis Delay walked alongside the rest of the team on the escalator, so I don’t think you can call him lazy anymore.

Today’s quote is by Dropkick Murphy’s because of course it is


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