Fortune favors the prepared mind

So, this afternoon I received a phone call from the photographics department at UCSD. I assumed the worst as from my experience I usually make up posters wrong. However, this a welcome surprise as my poster was printed and ready for collection. A whole 25 hours earlier than I asked it for, and a huge 118 hours than my scheduled time to show off my pretty poster at ENDO 2015.

Which means I have a bunch of time to plan my week at the conference. Obviously making sure I can hit up Donut Bar in the morning, and Karl Strauss for happy hour, maybe even squeezing in a trip to Luche Libre on the way home. Because, you know, the best way to enjoy a conference with more than it’s fair share of research on obesity is with massive donuts, beer and California burritos…

I went through the programme a couple of months ago when I received it, and chose a bunch of lectures I thought would be beneficial for my studies; namely “Novel Functions of Adipose Tissue”, “GPCR Modulators of Beta Cell Survival and Function” and “When a Fat Cell Goes Bad”. Then a few I thought would be interesting; “Exercise in Diabetes: Not as Easy as You Think”, “Hormones, Guts and Bugs” and “Non-Coding RNAs and Tumor Biology”. There’s a few more, but I’m not doing all the work for you! Find your own talks!

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of overlap in these talks. If only there was an easy way to plan which talks to attend, something I could easily access, like on a phone or something. As much as I love Excel, and huge multi-tab spreadsheets, luckily there’s an app.

Firstly, I started just adding all of my plans to it, by searching for specific talks, researchers and/or topics.

(Actually no. First of all I searched for myself, as you do.)

It took a while to find everything, and wasn’t the most intuitive.

But that’s when I figured out how poorly I was using the app. I started browsing by the day, and it became pretty great. It’s so easy to just work your way through the day, and stick a star next to owt you find interesting. Then you can just scroll through your schedule, and check how busy you’ll be.

In my case far too busy. But as there’s a few members from my lab going we’re going to discuss it all on Wednesday and send people to different talks. Also, anything with a dreadful pun, or awful pop culture reference, in the title will be removed.

I’m looking at you “Diabetes Getting on Your Nerves”, “Breaking Bad: PHRrp as an Anabolic Treatment for Low Bone Loss” and “Drugs for Diabetes: Bad to the Bone?”

Apparently I’m a firm believer in the rule of three…

Today’s quote is from Louis Pasteur. Kind of, I chose the translation that best fitted my purposes. You know, like the opposite of good science?..


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