One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.

I know it may seem like I’ve been a bit lazy with this recently, but I’ve been a bit distracted. I’ve had a hell of a lot of writing to do recently, so I’m afraid this has been on the backburner. So, this is really just about keeping you up to date with what I’ve been doin.

I’ve written a couple of posts for Proteintech, and another for Diabetes UK. If you want to give them a read, here they are. Just choose your topic from Movember, proteins with dumb names or the discovery of insulin. I’ve also written one about “Diabetic Superfoods” which should be up soon. (Here it is.)

A couple of weeks ago I went to symposium on proteomics; basically Mass Spectrometers and the like. Big, scary, expensive machines. Big, scary, expensive machines that I want to use. Myokines ain’t going to discover themselves! Interestingly, they mentioned small pilot grants, so I’ve been busy getting an abstract written for that. If they like it, then we can submit a proper grant. The fun thing about that is that we have a load of samples pretty much ready to go, so once (if) they’ve given (give) us money, then we can just send them a pile of media, and be all like “science time turkeys!”

And lastly, the Endocrine Society, of which I am now a member, were asking for abstracts for the annual symposium next March. It’s in San Diego, so looks like I’ll be going. So that was another abstract to get in.

Add to that me trying to organise my PhD paper to fit to a journal’s ridiculous word and figure limits. As well as writing up my postdoc work, reviewing another recently submitted paper, and playing host to about a hundred (well 7) people, and that results in one busy Alex.

I also went a fairly stupid “Diversity in the Classroom” workshop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally pro-diversity and equality, but this workshop was handled appallingly. Also, it suggested that people who don’t believe in evolution shouldn’t be made to feel dumb. In a biology class. About evolution. Face it, evolution happens, and if you don’t believe in it you really should get the hell away from science, as apparently you have no idea what counts as evidence.

Today’s quote is from Jack Kerouac