Sarcasm is a Manchester Trait

Manchester is now the European City of Science! Which I think we can all agree is pretty awesome. I assume it’s after I completed my PhD with no corrections they figured best give it them. I mean if they can make me literally one of the best people in the world when it comes to PIP2 and insulin resistance they probably deserve some kudos.

“Manchester has a long and proud association with scientific achievement from the work of John Dalton on atomic theory to the first programmable computer and the recent discovery of the advanced material, Graphene”

Guess they’re waiting for me to publish…

So, for a bit of background the European City of Science changes every two years, ending with the city hosting the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). Copenhagen held the last one a couple of weeks ago, and now Manchester has two years to blow them out of the water! You can sign up for more information now. I guess with an estimated 4,500 delegates they need to start pretty early. You can also follow their twitter for the latest information.

EuroScience is a non-profit grassroots organisation for anyone interested in science, and acts as the voice of European researchers, regardless of nationality and discipline. One of their aims is to encourage linkages between research organisations at national and EU levels; thus creating of an integrated space for science and technology throughout the entirety of Europe. They also are heavily involved in the politics behind science, though EuroScientist, and work towards influencing policies which directly affect science and technology. 

Furthermore, EuroScience aims to increase the link between science and the rest of society, and therefore it’s open to anyone to join, scientist or not. And costs the princely sum of 50 euros. Or possibly less if you’re a student or a “young researcher” like me. So you’ve no excuse really. 

Join up now, and we can all go party in Manchester in a couple of years.


Today’s quote is from Peter Hook


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