Locals, locals, all standing still

So, I’ve been in America for a year now, and I’m celebrating by making figures and drinking whiskey. I’ve pretty much finished a paper from my PhD work (save the proof-reading…) so that’s nice. I just need to finish my figures, and get it to my old supervisor so she can add her data, and hopefully get it off somewhere as soon as possible.

It’s made me realise the difference between the first year of my PhD and the first year of my postdoc. Obviously I’m better at science now, but I feel like I’ve done quite a lot of work this year. Admittedly I could have done more, but not much more. I’m beholden to the number of biopsies we can carry out, and they’ve been fairly infrequent. Regardless I think I’ve covered more ground here. I’ve learnt new assays, and how to manage primary cells and a couple of new cell lines, as well as being able to get to my feet on a surfboard. Western blots are still annoying though.

Luckily there’s a good measure of my progress; submitting abstracts. Not for anything particularly interesting, but still a chance to show off my work. Towards the end of the first year of my PhD I helped organise the Young Physiologist’s Symposium at Manchester, and we were short of abstracts. But, I couldn’t do anything about it. Unless people we interested in learning that insulin increases glucose uptake (In my hands most of the time anyway…); something even Wikipedia doesn’t think requires a reference.

Now it’s time for the UCSD Postdoc Research symposium, and I have so much data I can’t put it here in case someone gazumps our science before publication. Just need a couple more experiments and I’m going to get a pretty good abstract in. I know it’s unlikely but I’m almost certain I deserve an oral presentation. Especially considering the standard of the talks I’ve seen since moving out here. Seriously, for an accent that sounds like you’re sooo interested in everything, you could at least muster some enthusiasm California.

And I’m almost certain my year here has benefited diabetes more than my three in Manchester. Turns out PIP2 isn’t that useful hey?

It is. It totally, totally is.


Today’s quote is by Meet Me In St. Louis (probably Toby Hayes)


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